Uli Edel

Netflix box art for Body of Evidence Body of Evidence
1993 / 100

A powerful and beautiful woman is on trial for the murder of her wealthy, older lover. Was it an intense lovemaking session that killed him? Can a high sex drive be used as a lethal weapon? If so, this woman's trouble ... and her lawyer better watch out.

Netflix box art for Houdini - Season 1 Houdini - Season 1
2014 / 86

This miniseries delves into the celebrated feats and complex personal life of Harry Houdini, who captivated the world with his death-defying escapes.

Netflix box art for Pay the Ghost Pay the Ghost
2015 / 90

After their young son disappears, a professor and his wife come apart. But haunting visions of their boy inspire them to search for him again. Whoever or whatever is behind the loss of their child, they'll have to travel a terrifying path to find their boy.

Netflix box art for The Little Vampire The Little Vampire
2000 / 3.3 / 91

Forced to move to Scotland after his father lands a new job, 9-year-old Tony's life takes a turn when he befriends an aristocratic vegetarian vampire. Everything changes for a lonely boy in a new town when he becomes friends with a special kid ... who isn't quite human.