Ranvir Shorey

Netflix box art for Bajatey Raho Bajatey Raho
2013 / 100

A clever con man is oblivious to a plot by four of his victims, good-hearted underdogs driven to embrace their dark sides in order to get revenge. Looks like this big-time crook's about to get his just desserts. Sooner or later, the conned become the con artists.

Netflix box art for Bombay Talkies Bombay Talkies
2013 / 123

Four tales directed by four of India's top filmmakers highlight the range of human emotions, including an actor's struggle after his father's death. Four stories, four characters on different emotional journeys. Bollywood isn't just singing and dancing.

Netflix box art for Ek Tha Tiger Ek Tha Tiger
2012 / 3.7 stars / 132

When an Indian secret agent investigates a scientist who may be selling secret missile technology to Pakistan, he falls for the scientist's caretaker. Codename: Tiger. Mission: Spy on a professor who's selling secrets. But DO NOT fall in love with his assistant!

Netflix box art for Gour Hari Dastaan: The Freedom File Gour Hari Dastaan: The Freedom File
2015 / 109

A former freedom fighter is forced to navigate the corridors of a disinterested bureaucracy to prove that he fought in India's freedom movement.

Netflix box art for Heroine Heroine
2012 / 149

One woman experiences the dramatic highs and lows of fame in this voyeuristic glimpse past the glitz and glamour of a Bollywood superstar's life. Desired by millions, she's the sultry national superstar who has everything she wants -- except the freedom to choose.

Netflix box art for Moh Maya Money Moh Maya Money
2016 / 109

After investing in a shady deal that quickly falls apart, a morally flexible real estate agent involves his wife in a dangerous recovery plan.

Netflix box art for Singh Is Kinng Singh Is Kinng
2008 / 130

When a crazy turn of events places a kindhearted bumbler in charge of a mighty underworld gang, he tries using his new power for good. A well-meaning klutz takes charge of a gang of thugs and finds them lawful jobs. But will virtue or vice rule the day?