Rana Ranbir

Netflix box art for Ajj De Ranjhe Ajj De Ranjhe
2012 / 3.0 / 143
Cc Hd

In the heartland of Punjab, unemployed Ambar and rookie cop Manjeet must work together in their efforts to become successful in both romance and work.

Netflix box art for Punjab 1984 Punjab 1984
2014 / 157

During a time of political turmoil, a mother goes on a journey in search of her missing son, who has been misjudged and labeled a terrorist. The consequences of a state's insurgency have no limits. Just ask the mother of one of the missing.

Netflix box art for Romeo Ranjha Romeo Ranjha
2014 / 122

Two common boys travel from India to Thailand to find success and money, enjoying their friendship and finding ways to cheat the cheats. Jetting to Thailand in a blaze of guns and cash? Make sure you look good doing it. Hold on tight!