Paul Schneider

Netflix box art for Beloved Beloved
2011 / 132

Thirty years after her own heart was broken, Madeleine watches history repeating itself in the life of her daughter, Véra. Love stories fizzle again and again for a woman and her daughter. It's only the scenery that changes.

Netflix box art for Elizabethtown Elizabethtown
2005 / 123

Fired from his job as a shoe designer, Drew tries to kill himself. But he gets a new lease on life when he returns to his hometown for a funeral. The best way to get a new lease on life? Attend your father’s funeral with a winsome stewardess in tow.

Netflix box art for The Babymakers The Babymakers
2012 / 3.4 / 95
Cc Hd

Distressed by his failure to impregnate his wife, a devoted married man hires an oddball group of thieves to steal his long-ago sperm bank donations. His wife wants a baby but he can't deliver the goods. Stealing back from a sperm bank makes sense, right?

Netflix box art for The Daughter The Daughter
2015 / 94

Having returned home for his cagey father's wedding, an estranged man gets to know his childhood friend's family and uncovers a devastating secret.

Netflix box art for The Divide - Season 1 The Divide - Season 1
2014 / 43

Working for a nonprofit legal defense group, a student trying to free an innocent man gets into a pitched battle with a district attorney. Executing an innocent man: There's no greater injustice. Luckily, she's a bright law student and ready for a fight.