Milos Forman

Netflix box art for Beloved Beloved
2011 / 132

Thirty years after her own heart was broken, Madeleine watches history repeating itself in the life of her daughter, VĂ©ra. Love stories fizzle again and again for a woman and her daughter. It's only the scenery that changes.

Netflix box art for Hair Hair
1979 / 3.5 stars / 120

On his way to join the Army during the Vietnam War, a conservative young man travels to New York, where he befriends a group of Central Park hippies. Something happened on the way to the draft. A straight arrow finds peace, love, hippies and the Age of Aquarius.

Netflix box art for Keeping the Faith Keeping the Faith
2000 / 3.4 stars / 129
Cc Hd

Despite their different backgrounds, a reverend and a rabbi enjoy working together -- until a love triangle threatens their friendship.

Netflix box art for The People vs. Larry Flynt The People vs. Larry Flynt
1996 / 129

Notorious pornographer Larry Flynt carries his free-speech campaign from lowly strip clubs to the U.S. Supreme Court in this Oscar-nominated biopic.