Ludivine Sagnier

Netflix box art for Beloved Beloved
2011 / 132

Thirty years after her own heart was broken, Madeleine watches history repeating itself in the life of her daughter, VĂ©ra. Love stories fizzle again and again for a woman and her daughter. It's only the scenery that changes.

Netflix box art for Love Crime Love Crime
2010 / 3.4 stars / 106
Cc Hd

French director Alain Corneau delivers a chilling tale of two ambitious women whose professional appetites grow dangerously personal. What's more frightening than a powerful woman scorned? Her ambitious assistant with a love of power.

Netflix box art for Peter Pan Peter Pan
2003 / 113

When Peter Pan flies into Wendy's home and leads her and her brothers to Neverland, she's more than happy to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Every night, a young girl tells her brothers fantastic bedtime stories. And on one special night, they come true.

Netflix box art for The Devil's Double The Devil's Double
2011 / 108

In his fact-based drama, Iraqi lieutenant Yahia is forcibly drafted into being a body double for Uday Hussein, Saddam Hussein's depraved elder son. Body double. Bullet catcher. The stand-in for a world-renowned sociopath lives a life of tortured servitude.