Ian Holm

Netflix box art for Bless the child Bless the child
2000 / 103

Psychiatric nurse Maggie's ordinary life becomes anything but after she takes in her sister's child and uncovers a frightening truth about the girl. The forces of evil will stop at nothing to take what this little girl has, but she has a powerful ally by her side.

Netflix box art for Ratatouille Ratatouille
2007 / 111

Growing up beneath a five-star restaurant, Remy the rat inherits a taste for fine food. But his culinary ambitions only anger his practical father. He used to get his food from the trash. Now he cooks in a fancy restaurant. This is one rat you want in your kitchen!

Netflix box art for The Aviator The Aviator
2004 / 3.5 / 170
Cc Hd

Leonardo DiCaprio portrays eccentric tycoon Howard Hughes, who turned a small fortune into a massive one by building Hollywood and aviation empires. A talented movie producer and visionary businessman is blessed with an extraordinary mind. And cursed by it.

Netflix box art for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
2012 / 4.4 / 169
Cc Hd

Beloved hobbit Bilbo Baggins is back in a visually spectacular sequel tale inspired by The Lord of the Rings and likewise directed by Peter Jackson. Past a forest of secrets, within mountains that walk, a tiny adventurer will confront the very seed of obsession.