Evan Jones

Netflix box art for 8 Mile 8 Mile
2002 / 110

Aspiring hip-hop artist Jimmy views his home, Detroit's 8 Mile district, as a psychological line that separates him from where and who he wants to be. He had no confidence, no credibility. But he had talent enough to challenge the best rappers this side of 8 Mile Road.

Netflix box art for Glory Road Glory Road
2006 / 3.9 / 118
Cc Hd

In 1965, Coach Don Haskins inherits a losing basketball team at Texas Western University and brings on seven black players, resulting in threats. Racism, politics, poverty. For a color-blind basketball coach, faith in his team is by far the best strategy.

Netflix box art for Houdini - Season 1 Houdini - Season 1
2014 / 86

This miniseries delves into the celebrated feats and complex personal life of Harry Houdini, who captivated the world with his death-defying escapes.

Netflix box art for Rescue Dawn Rescue Dawn
2006 / 125

Captured by the enemy and held in a Laotian torture camp, a pilot defies death by organizing one of the most daring escapes of the Vietnam conflict. Escape isn't just an option -- it's the only way to survive. No one's keeping this pilot grounded.

Netflix box art for The Homesman The Homesman
2014 / 122

A pious pioneer woman enlists a drifter to help her transport three women driven mad by harsh frontier life across the Nebraska Territories to Iowa. She's prim and proper. He's a sleazy opportunist. But they've got to work together to save three traumatized women.