Paul Weitz

Netflix box art for Admission Admission
2013 / 106

While scouting applicants at an experimental high school, an Ivy League admissions officer has a hunch that she's connected to one of the students.

Netflix box art for Down to Earth Down to Earth
2001 / 3.2 stars / 87

When a guardian angel accidentally take stand-up comedian Lance Barton to heaven, he's returned to Earth in the body of an elderly white millionaire. A young comic dies before his time, so heaven must send him back to Earth. That was their second mistake.

Netflix box art for Grandma Grandma
2015 / 78

A feisty, free-spirited grandmother spends the day helping her pregnant granddaughter get out of trouble by hustling friends and family. She's always lived life on her own terms. Now, she's finally got someone to keep that spirit going.

Netflix box art for Joshy Joshy
2016 / 92

After his engagement ends, Josh goes on his would-be bachelor party with his guy friends for a raucous, drug-filled weekend. He's not getting married anymore, but why let the opportunity for a crazy, boozy bachelor party go to waste?

Netflix box art for Life After Beth Life After Beth
2014 / 89

Following the death of his beloved girlfriend, Beth, Zach is first shattered and then overjoyed when she inexplicably comes back to life.