Brian Klugman

Netflix box art for Baby, Baby, Baby Baby, Baby, Baby
2015 / 86

Struggling actor Sydney falls hard for witty artist Sunny, but his jealousy soon threatens to sabotage their blossoming relationship. He's found the perfect woman. Now he just has to get his overactive imagination under control before he loses her.

Netflix box art for Cloverfield Cloverfield
2008 / 84

A going-away party in Manhattan is interrupted when a mysterious monster of epic proportions launches an attack on New York City. Those old-school monsters? They're real. They're beyond huge. And they're wasting New Yorkers ... one stomp at a time.

Netflix box art for The Words The Words
2012 / 3.8 stars / 102
Cc Hd

After finding a brilliant unpublished novel, a struggling writer claims it's his work, setting in motion events that leave him in an ethical quandary. Some mistakes you can live with; others you can't. It's hard to tell what kind of mistake it is until it's made.