NETFLIX Genre: Soccer Movies

Netflix box art for Air Bud: World Pup Air Bud: World Pup
2000 / 82

Buddy, the athletic golden retriever who dazzled with his football and basketball skills, takes on two new roles: soccer star and father. After tackling football and shooting hoops, what's left for the world's most athletic dog? Soccer. And puppies!

Netflix box art for A Barefoot Dream Barefoot Dream, A
2010 / 119

A former South Korean soccer player heads to the fledgling country of East Timor, where he teaches poor children how to play ball.

Netflix box art for The Big Green Big Green, The
1995 / 99

In a depressed Texas town, a British foreign exchange teacher attempts to inject some life into her students by introducing them to soccer. Against all odds, a scrappy soccer team reaches the finals. But can they win without their star player?