NETFLIX Genre: Irish Movies

Netflix box art for I.T I.T
2016 / 95

An embittered IT consultant launches a stealthy attack against a wealthy businessman by turning his state-of-the-art smart home against him.

Netflix box art for Shrooms Shrooms
2007 / 84

College kids on a foreign holiday have a really bad trip after munching on hallucinogenic mushrooms that cause horrific visions to become reality. Tripping in the twisted, gnarly woods: Not the best way to figure out who -- or what -- is killing your friends.

Netflix box art for Wake Wood Wake Wood
2009 / 90

After losing their only child in a dog attack, two parents discover a pagan ritual that will grant them three more days with their deceased daughter.

Netflix box art for Waking Ned Devine Waking Ned Devine
1998 / 91

After discovering that lucky local Ned Devine croaked from the shock of winning the national lottery, two men mastermind a scheme to impersonate him. A dead pal, millions in lottery winnings and a VERY nosy small town. These friends have the luck of the Irish.