NETFLIX Genre: Critically-acclaimed Action & Adventure

Netflix box art for Battle Royale Battle Royale
2000 / 4.0 / 113
Cc Hd

The Japanese government introduces a system whereby randomly chosen schoolchildren are taken to an island and forced to fight each other to the death. Three days. One deserted island. Forty-two students must kill to survive. One hell of a school voucher program.

Netflix box art for In the Line of Fire In the Line of Fire
1993 / 128

A twisted yet ingenious killer torments a veteran Secret Service agent who's haunted by his failure years ago to save President John F. Kennedy. A secret service agent lets it get personal with a presidential assassin. Now he and his boss are both targets.

Netflix box art for Rebellion Rebellion
2011 / 134

When French freedom fighters take 30 hostages on an island, instigating a political crisis, special forces captain Philippe dives into negotiations. A frantic standoff goes powder keg. When blood is drawn, the hostage takers aren't the only ones with dirty hands.

Netflix box art for Romancing the Stone Romancing the Stone
1984 / 105

When a romance writer learns her sister's been kidnapped, she's soon embroiled in a wild adventure involving hidden treasure and a dashing mercenary. A romance writer's life is much duller than her novels. Until a trip to save her sister exceeds her wildest imagination.