NETFLIX Genre: Classic Comedies

Netflix box art for All About Eve All About Eve
1950 / 138

Bette Davis plays an aging Broadway diva who employs a starstruck fan as her assistant, only to learn that the woman is a conniving upstart.

Netflix box art for The Apartment Apartment, The
1960 / 125

An ambitious insurance clerk's fast track to an executive suite gets derailed when he becomes involved with his boss's latest girlfriend. Slick career move: Give the cheating boss keys to your love shack. Tip: Don't fall for his mistress.

Netflix box art for The Aristocats Aristocats, The
1970 / 79

When Madame Adelaide leaves her fortune to her prized cat Duchess and Duchess's kittens, her butler plots to steal the money and kidnaps the heirs. Kidnapped sophisticats team up with a stray tomcat to find their way home. It's a purr-fect adventure.

Netflix box art for Bananas Bananas
1971 / 81

A neurotic nebbish follows his dream girl to a Latin American nation, where he unintentionally becomes a freedom fighter for a revolutionary leader. Someone started a revolution and made him leader. That means trouble for the revolution, but hilarity for everyone else.

Netflix box art for Batman: The Movie Batman: The Movie
1966 / 104

Batman and Robin battle a host of villains while trying to maintain their secret identities in this big-screen version of the campy 1960s TV series. Humanity is dust unless a vigilante in spandex breaks out the shark repellent and campy dialogue. KAPOW!

Netflix box art for The Disorderly Orderly Disorderly Orderly, The
1964 / 89

The zany antics of a mental hospital orderly cause the head of the sanitarium to consider herself a candidate for the straightjacket.

Netflix box art for Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex
1972 / 88

Questions from Dr. David Reuben's once-controversial book of the same name are turned into seven silly Woody Allen-penned vignettes.

Netflix box art for The Family Jewels Family Jewels, The
1965 / 99

Nine-year-old Donna stands to inherit $30 million. But there's a catch: She must choose one of her late father's nearest relatives as her new dad.

Netflix box art for Harold and Maude Harold and Maude
1971 / 91

A young man who's obsessed with death falls for a 79-year-old widow who's high on life -- much to his mother's chagrin -- in this cult favorite. There's someone for everyone, even when there's a half-century age difference ... and their meet-cute is at a funeral.

Netflix box art for Hatari! Hatari!
1962 / 157

In Africa, a photographer strikes a deal to travel with an animal-trapping crew -- against the wishes of the lead game catcher. He's searching for big game. She wants to tag along. Soon the animals won't be the only target in their sights.

Netflix box art for How to Murder Your Wife How to Murder Your Wife
1965 / 118

After rashly wedding a beauty he just met, a cartoonist fantasizes about getting out of the marriage by plotting his wife's murder in his sketchbook. A cartoonist has plotted the murder of his wife in the pages of his sketchbook. The police are not amused.

Netflix box art for It Happened One Night It Happened One Night
1934 / 105

A string of zany misadventures leads a runaway socialite and a crusty newspaperman to realize they're madly -- if reluctantly -- in love. She's in hiding from a world she wants no part of. He's out to expose her for his own ends. Talk about unlikely couples.

Netflix box art for Manhattan Manhattan
1979 / 3.6 / 96
Cc Hd

A TV writer in the throes of a midlife crisis finds himself torn between an adoring high schooler and his best friend's high-maintenance mistress. A teenager understands love better than her middle-aged boyfriend. And his thirtysomething girlfriend.

Netflix box art for MASH MASH
1970 / 115

The staff of a field hospital in Korea indulges in capricious pranks and escapades to maintain their sanity and stave off the horrors of war. When the sorrow and injustice of war gets you down, it's time to turn to humor, pranks and hilarious high jinks.

Netflix box art for A New Leaf New Leaf, A
1971 / 102

A self-centered playboy schemes to marry a wealthy woman and then kill her. But he starts to change when his new bride proves to be an innocent klutz. His happily-after-ever plan is to marry rich -- and murder his bride. Not your typical honeymoon ...

Netflix box art for The Nutty Professor Nutty Professor, The
1963 / 3.2 stars / 107
Cc Hd

Julius is wild about Stella, but lacks the chutzpah to win her heart. That changes when he concocts a potion that turns him into a chick magnet.

Netflix box art for The Party Party, The
1968 / 98

Hilarious mishaps and misunderstandings ensue when a bumbling actor from India is mistakenly invited to a studio head's chic Hollywood party.

Netflix box art for Play It Again, Sam Play It Again, Sam
1972 / 85

Obsessed with the movie "Casablanca," a film critic turns to an imaginary version of Humphrey Bogart for advice on dealing with his wife's departure. He really needs some guidance to get his love life back on track. Fortunately, his imagination comes up with something.

Netflix box art for Plaza Suite Plaza Suite
1971 / 114

Walter Matthau stars in three charming vignettes -- each set in room 719 of New York's Plaza Hotel -- that make up this classic comedy. The screwy stories of a philanderer, a Hollywood bigwig and a bride's father all take place under one roof.

Netflix box art for The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The
1970 / 125

The boredom that normally plagues Sherlock Holmes between cases evaporates when a ballerina asks him to become the father of her child.

Netflix box art for The Return of the Pink Panther Return of the Pink Panther, The
1975 / 112

When the Pink Panther diamond is stolen yet again, the inimitable Inspector Clouseau is sent to investigate and return the jewel to its proper owner. He may be the detective least likely to come up with a clever plan, but somehow he's the man for the job -- again.

Netflix box art for Revenge of the Pink Panther Revenge of the Pink Panther
1978 / 98

While letting the world believe he's been murdered, ham-fisted Inspector Clouseau disguises himself and travels the globe to break up a heroin ring. The bad guys can try to kill the bumbling detective ... but he's more dangerous dead than alive.

Netflix box art for The Russians Are Coming ... Russians Are Coming ..., The
1966 / 125

A Russian submarine runs aground near a small New England town, and it's up to Lt. Rozanov to avoid an international confrontation. A Russian sub is invading New England! At least that’s what some nutty islanders think. Full speed ahead for wackiness.

Netflix box art for Support Your Local Gunfighter Support Your Local Gunfighter
1971 / 92

Lothario James Garner is on the run from woman trouble but needs money -- so he stops in town to fob off drifter Jack Elam as a famous gunfighter.