NETFLIX Genre: British Action & Adventure

Netflix box art for Alien Uprising Alien Uprising
2012 / 2.3 / 101
Cc Hd

One night five friends are out drinking, the next they're struggling to survive in a landscape controlled by alien invaders in this sci-fi chiller. They partied hard the night before and woke up to something far worse than a hangover. Welcome your new overlords.

Netflix box art for Blitz Blitz
2011 / 97

With a serial killer on the loose in London, a detective takes on the case while working out his aggression issues with a police-appointed shrink. A cop who can't manage his anger meets a serial killer who can't help himself. Which one will turn the tables?

Netflix box art for My Name Is Lenny My Name Is Lenny
2017 / 91

A brutal childhood was the driving force behind Lenny McLean's evolution into one of Britain's most notorious bare-knuckle fighters. The hard knocks of a violent upbringing drove him into the ring -- and helped make him the toughest man in Britain.

Netflix box art for The Parole Officer Parole Officer, The
2001 / 94

After witnessing a murder, Simon Garden is framed -- and the only evidence that proves his innocence is a videotape locked inside a bank vault.

Netflix box art for Plunkett & Macleane Plunkett & Macleane
1999 / 101

A criminal duo who steal from the rich in 18th-century England land in hot water when one of them falls for the niece of the lord chief justice.

Netflix box art for Stand Off Stand Off
2012 / 89

Unable to pay a debt to a mobster, Jimbo robs a fish market. But when he realizes the mobster owns the market, he goes on the run with his baby. A botched theft leads to a hostage-filled standoff ... until the lead hostage helps plan the get-away.